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Vigyan’s approach is a mix of rights based (RBA) along with a bit of service delivery to meet the immediate needs of the community. A rights-based approach to development is a framework that integrates the norms, principles, standards and goals of the international human rights system into the plans and processes of development. It is characterized by methods and activities that link the human rights system and its inherent notion of power and struggle with development. RBA is able to recognize poverty as injustice and include marginalization, discrimination, and exploitation as central causes of poverty. In RBA poverty is never simply the fault of the individual, nor can its solution be purely personal. However, RBA also refuses simply to place the burden of poverty and injustice on abstract notions such as society or globalization. Human rights claims always have a corresponding duty-bearer. A central dynamic of RBA is thus about identifying root causes of poverty, empowering rights-holders to claim their rights and enabling duty-bearers to meet their obligations. In this way RBA calls attention to a number of central features of poverty and development: Like all development, RBA implies an effort to improve the situation of people, focusing on their needs, problems and potentials.

In this sense, RBA relates to the same issues as most development initiatives such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, education, security, freedom to pursue life goals etc. However, it is central to the premise of RBA that human beings have inalienable rights and a deprivation of needs can often be addressed as a denial of rights. In other words, clean drinking water is not only something you need, it is also something you have a right to have as a human being. RBA is based on the concept that impoverished people must be protected from illegal and unjust discrimination, dispossession, denial and disenfranchisement.

Right-based approaches seek to hold governments and other duty-bearers accountable and encourage rights holder to claim their rights. Demanding accountability does not simply imply confrontation with the state. RBA also aims to enable duty-bearers to meet their obligations.

Networking and lobbying with the potential partners:

Our main strategy has been to bring maximum NGOs and peoples organizations working on the same issue on a common platform and initiate collective action.

Networking with the potential stakeholders:

Vigyan has been proactively engaged in networking with the different stakeholders so that a holistic approach is developed and interventions are designed in a participatory way, keeping in view the various aspects of the issue so that integrated solution is worked out.

Media Advocacy:

The media, both print and electronic have been sensitized on the issues pertaining to the rights of the vulnerable and marginalized communities and involved through sammelans, press-conferences and grass-root testimonies and interviews.

Promotion of alliances of the most deprived vulnerable communities:

We always promote the inception of poor alliances. Till now we have facilitated formation of CBOs like Dihari Mazdoor Sangathan (Daily Wage earners Association), Patri Dukandar Sangathan (Street Vendors Association), Mahila Mandal, Shehri Gareeb Sangharsh Morcha etc.

Capacity building of the deprived community:

Once the organizations/ alliances are formed, we continuously strive to enhance the capacity of the leaders so that the alliance takes the decisions itself and the policy level issues as well as issues springing up at grass root level are handled by the alliances/ communities themselves. This not only ensures peoples participation but also contributes in the sustainability of these alliances.

Extensive use of Right to Information Act:

The community leaders are oriented regarding the importance of the RTI act and well-trained to use it for procuring reliable information and making the administrative and political system accountable to them and thus ensure transparent governance pattern.

Liasioning with the government officials to ensure access to basic amenities/ rights:

The community is encouraged to understand the procedures of different government departments and then apply for the various welfare schemes and facilities like the ration card, voter-card etc by themselves.

Approach and Strategy

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