About Us

About us

History and Genesis

Vigyan Foundation emerged as a creative and collective response to the needs of the people so as to passionately advocate for the rights of the deprived and the most vulnerable sections of the society, be it children, women, slum dwellers or the homeless community.

Vigyan Foundation was formed in 1988, and registered as a society under the Society Registration Act, 1860. Initially, Vigyan’s focus area was Child Rights as the people at Vigyan strongly believed in advocacy and networking for ameliorating the condition of children and were themselves involved individually in child-focused activities.

The first major initiative was a UNICEF funded project to provide a creative platform to school-going children through a child magazine called Hamjoli which was later transformed to Bal Bagiya. Simultaneously, a NGO network on Child Rights (NNCR) was also formed to promote child rights and form a common forum to discuss and report on issues pertinent to child rights.

Vigyan Foundation has two official logos, both can be used.

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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create such an oppression-less, non-discriminatory society where all the citizen have access to equal rights, freedom and opportunities in ways that enable them to live safe and dignified lives and thereby get opportunities to express their creativity.


Our mission is to strengthen the dignity of people and enhance their capacity to raise their voice to access their basic rights through formation of community based organizations/issue based alliances to advocate for the pro-poor policies.