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General FAQs

  • What is the belief of Vigyan Foundation?

    We believe that our interventions shall lead to a society which is based on principles of non-discriminatory access and control on resources and equal opportunity to all.

  • How old is Vigyan Foundation?

    The organization came into being on 21st May 1988 and since then it has been working with the masses. Our initial interventions were focused on developing the organization as child resource centre. Our field level interventions began in the year 2000.

  • Which areas does Vigyan Foundation work in?

    Vigyan Foundation has been working in the areas of education, empowerment of women and adolescent girls, shelter rights of homeless, livelihood and social security rights of urban poor and migrant workers and citizenship rights of city makers.

  • What is the source of funding for the organization?

    Major funding support of the organization comes from foreign institutional donors; the rest comes from Indian philanthropies, government, and individual donors.

  • How can one associate with the organization?

    In our journey so far, we have received support from many development agencies and numerous individuals. One can associate with us in any of these above-mentioned ways. Please visit the contact us or get involved section of our website for more information on the possible ways of being involved in our journey.

  • Does Vigyan Foundation provide internships?
    If yes, how can I apply for it?

    Interested candidates can go to contact us section of our website and write to the relevant section they are interested in interning with.

Be a Volunteer

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